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  • The gospel permeates every aspect of our lives, and it is at the heart of our Sunday worship service. We are privileged that people of every age, ethnicity, culture, and nationality can worship together as one body. Our services are built upon worshipping God together in loving community, with reverence, joy, and awe. It is our goal that our preaching, prayer, music, & fellowship all bring glory and honor to God. 

  • At Redeemer Community Church, we believe that the Bible teaches that faith comes by hearing the gospel proclaimed. Therefore, our preaching and teaching is centered on Christ and God’s redemptive plan which unfolds throughout Scripture. Typically our preaching will be expository, as we will walk through books of the Bible in their entirety.

  • We enjoy participating in the Lord’s Supper as an important aspect of our worship every week.  We hold communion in high regard because Jesus himself gave it to us as the sign and seal of his new covenant. When we who are united to Christ and each other by common faith celebrate this "visible gospel message," God strengthens our fellowship with each other and confirms his promise of redemption to us. 

    Professing believers who are members in good standing of RCC or another church, or are making a move toward membership, are invited to come up to receive communion. An elder will give each person a piece of bread soaked in wine, visible signs of Christ's body and blood.

RCC Kids

Redeemer Community Church is a family-friendly church. We LOVE having children worship together with their families and other believers. God’s covenant extends to the children of believers, and God uses the preaching of His Word to bring them to a mature faith. We know that having kids in worship usually brings some extra “kid noise” – and we like it that way. 


We recognize that many parents and children are not ready for this step. To help in this process, we offer two other options for you and your children. For children four years old and under, we provide nursery care. For older kids who need a little "wiggle room," we provide an area in our foyer for parents and their children.

Nursery | 0-4 years

RCC's nursery is available after the song service for children 0-4 years old. The safety and care of your child is very important to us, so we make it a top priority to screen and maintain accountability for all our children's workers. 

Please read our Nursery Guidelines for more information.

Kid's Catechism Club

Throughout history, the church has used catechisms as tools to teach the core doctrines of our faith. At RCC we continue this tradition and encourage our children to learn and recite their catechisms each week and reward them for their hard work. From an early age, we want our children to learn the doctrines of the faith. We want to instill a strong, biblical foundation so that they can glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Get to Know RCC | Connection Sundays

For more information about RCC, join us for our Connection Sundays. 
2023 Dates: March 26th, May 21st, October 8th, & December 10th

Connection Sundays allow us to:
  •       Get a chance to connect with others in the body of Christ.
  •       Provide a venue for members to connect with discipleship groups.
  •       Offer an opportunity for new families to learn more about RCC.
  •       Provide important updates and a time for Q&A.
  •       Discuss upcoming events and RCC news.