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What is The City, and why does Redeemer use it? 
The City is an online tool to help our church family connect with one another better, build community and communicate effectively – from the church to you and you to the church. It is Redeemer’s online database where we keep a current record of our members, visitors, small groups, events, needs, finances, prayer requests, and more. 

The City gives us a place to communicate with each other as a church family. There is a level of privacy that cannot be obtained through other social networks. The City is designed specifically for the church, and enables us to strengthen our own church community, as well as engaging and meeting needs of those around us.  

How do I use The City? 
First, Sign up! And then the easiest way to learn how to use The City is simply by spending time on it. Just try it out. You can also visit to read more about it, and find demonstration videos.