Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30AM for worship.
2757 W. US HWY 22 & 3 - Mainveville, OH  45039

What to expect each Lord's Day

Christ-Centered Worship

The gospel permeates every aspect of our lives, and it is at the heart of our Sunday worship service. We are privileged that people of every age, ethnicity, culture, and nationality can worship together as one body. Our services are built upon worshipping God together in loving community, with reverence, joy, and awe. It is our goal that our preaching, prayer, music, & fellowship all bring glory and honor to God.

Expository Preaching

At Redeemer Community Church, we believe that the Bible teaches that faith comes by hearing the gospel proclaimed. Therefore, our preaching and teaching is centered on Christ and God’s redemptive plan which unfolds throughout Scripture. Typically our preaching will be expository, as we will walk through books of the Bible in their entirety.

Sharing the Lord's Supper

We enjoy participating in the Lord’s Supper as an important aspect of our worship every week.  We hold communion in high regard because Jesus himself gave it to us as the sign and seal of his new covenant. When we who are united to Christ and each other by common faith celebrate this "visible gospel message," God strengthens our fellowship with each other and confirms his promise of redemption to us.

Professing believers who are baptized and members in good standing of RCC or another church, or are making a move toward membership, are invited to come up to receive communion. An elder will give each person a piece of bread soaked in wine, visible signs of Christ's body and blood.

Family Service

We encourage families to lead their children in the Lord through a family-oriented worship service.  Our children are a vital part of the church, and it is important for them to understand this truth early in their childhood years.  To encourage unity within the church, children of all ages are invited to participate in our Lord’s Day worship service. Sunday mornings give our children the opportunity to listen to their parents worship in song, observe them pray and confess their sin, and hear God’s word proclaimed. Children of all ages are able to learn abundantly through these priceless observations.
We do provide a nursery for children up to age 4 and a "wiggle" room for those children who need a little room to move. Click HERE for more RCC Kids info.